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Drownings and near-drownings are among our worst pediatric tragedies. Infant-toddler flotation lessons are an important component of the water safety program. For your sanity, and your child’s safety, do it now. Don’t put it off.

- James Mitchell, M.D.

The tragedy of water-related accidents cannot be described. We must protect our children. Survival floating may help our little ones to help themselves and gives us a chance to get to them if they should fall into the water. No child is drownproof, yet, I encourage all parents to give their young children the opportunity to develop this lifesaving skill.

- Thomas F. Long, M.D., F.A.A.P.

I have been a practicing pediatrician for the past 35 years. Almost every year, I have lost a patient to drowning. Most recently, was a 14 month old and a 16 month old. Most of these patients, however, were in the two to three year range. It is obvious that close vigilance at all times is necessary with every child. The teaching of flotation and swimming at an early age is particularly important. Almost all of my patients learn to swim by the age of five, and I have never seen a child that was handled gently that did not learn to swim early and enjoy the water for the rest of their life

- Ian B. Johnston, M.D.

I met Deborah in 2004 at a safety fair I was attending with my family. My eyes were immediately drawn to a small video TV she had playing on her table to advertise her business, "Wallypogs Survival Float" School.

As a Fire Fighter/Paramedic of 24 years I have seen first hand the tragedy of a child who is not familiar with water. This is every parent’s nightmare, as well as those who respond to these tragic events. My first impression of Deborah was this was a woman who truly cared about the message, not just the business. It has always been my intention to have my children be exposed to water by a professional and after a short time speaking with Deborah I knew she would be the one to work with them. I am proud to say both my children went through the training and I can now say they swim like fish! This is a huge relief, as I own a pool. This alone is still not good enough, but I must admit, if they were to fall into water I have the utmost confidence that they could stay afloat long enough to get to the edge. The message here is to NEVER leave your child unattended around water. Drowning is the " silent killer " of way to many young children every year, who's parents for a split second turned their back or assumed someone else was watching. This preventable accident happens more often than you would believe. This training, or any like it, is a MUST for all parents who have young children! I urge all to make it a priority to have your child exposed as early as possible to the dangers of water.

Deborah and her staff are wonderful and I could not be happier with the results!

Great Job Deb, keep up the good work!

Thank you

The Kim Family

Jeffery E. Kim

Heart Start Inc.


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