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Swimming in open water

Lakes, Rivers and Ponds


Never dive into murky water

where you cannot see the bottom,

Boulders, rocks, fallen trees and debris lurk below…

sight un-seen.

Weather conditions

Know local weather conditions and forecasts.

Never swim during a thunder and lightening storm.

Personal floating devices

Use Coast Guard-Approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) when around water,

especially when on a boat or around lakes,

rivers, streams or ponds, where water is not clear. Time is critical when trying to locate

a submerged body…


(The fit of a life jacket is vital, especially for a child.)

Murkey water

Know what is in and under murky water,

such as currents, drop-offs.

Avoid swimming in water that is filled with debris,

is discolored or unusually foamy and dirty.

Boats in area

If in water shared by boats BE VISIBLE

wear a bright colored hat, stay close to shore, s

tay in designated swim areas,

and actively watch for water craft

in proximity to swimmers.

Changing conditions

Limited visibility can change from hour to hour. Currents are unpredictable

and can quickly change directions.

A swimmer can be carried way from the shore.

Moving water

If a child falls into water go down stream

(in the direction of the current) and position self

in front of the child to help.

Throw out a line or rope if possible

for person to grab on to.

Cold water

Leave water if you feel chilly.

Hypothermia (drop in body temperature)

can occur when in cool/cold water

for even short periods of time.

Marine life

Avoid swimming in areas where there is

underwater foliage and water plants.

It is very easy to get entangled

and not be able to break free.

Safe swim zones

Restrict swimming to

the designated SAFE swimming areas

clearly marked by buoys.

Vacation Safety

Establish rules

Use the same safety rules that you use at home. Take time to explain to your children

the importance of following these same rules.

No Life Guards

When visiting a hotel never allow

children to swim alone.

DO NOT assume that someone else

is watching your child.

Most hotel pools do not have lifeguards on duty.


Do not enter spas that exceed 104 degrees.

Only enter spa if it is clean and clear.

Relatives homes

Whenever staying with relatives or friends

assess for water hazards.

Be aware of pools, ponds, lakes, canals,

and/or rivers that may be in the area.

Hotel pools

Check out the safety aspects of the pool

and ensure that the water is

clean and clear of hazards.

Take cell phone to pool

or know where phone is poolside.

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