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Pool parties

Accidents commonly happen in backyard pool, when there many people are around.

The noise and activity often mask the potential sound of a child falling into a pool.


they just silently slip in.

Here are some additional tips to ensure that a fun time does not turn into a tragedy.

Life jackets

Should be worn by all non-swimmers and weak swimmers.

Use a PF2 US Coast Guard approved jacket

that fits properly (check weight on inside of jacket).

PF2’s will place child on back in the case of water entry.

These can be purchased at boating stores or major retail stores.

Designated water watcher

At group activities around the pool assign one person

to supervise all activities in pool.

Take turns…share the responsibility.

Use a lei, hat, whistle or something around the neck

that signifies someone as the “person watching the pool”.

Hire a responsible teen or young adult for the duration

of the party with the sole responsibility

of sitting by the pool at all times,

even during dinner when no one may be in the pool.

Dinner time is a prime time for accidents to happen.

Parents of non- or weak swimmers

Set up the Pool Rules that a visiting parent has to

accompany their child into the water for the child’s safety.

All non-swimmers and weak swimmers

should be personally supervised by the parent/adult

in charge of that child.

Pool games

Avoid allowing children to play

any BREATH HOLDING games when under water.

Even accomplished swimmers can loose consciousness

and get into trouble.

It is assumed that good swimmers are safe

and they are not watched as closely.

Wrestling and rough play

Establish a “HANDS OFF” policy.

Children can pull or hold each other under

and be unaware that another cannot breath.

Stop jumping, running, getting boisterous,

standing on people’s shoulders,

as accidents can go unnoticed in the confusion.

Food and gum

To prevent choking,

never eat food or chew gum

when swimming diving or playing in the water.


Establish strict rules about diving into the pool.

Diving should be done only in the deep end

and make sure that other swimmers

are out of the diving area before diving in.


Do not use alcohol when swimming.

Judgment and awareness is impaired

and reaction time decreases.

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