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Parental Attitude to Water

A parent's healthy attitude towards water is imperative

to the development of their child's attitude to swimming,

no matter what method is used.

Sometimes a parent may have personal fears about water

that can be unknowingly transmitted to a child.

Talking to the instructor helps in addressing fears.

Also, the question always has to be asked

“Is the approach being used, in the best interest of my child's well being and am I comfortable with this approach?”

We believe that the WALLYPOGS approach

is in a child’s best interest because we stress survival first

and handle the lessons in a loving, positive, gentle way.

If a parent is not 100% behind the process for their child,

their child will know!

There needs to be clarity and commitment

to what we are all trying to accomplish.

This is a team effort.

Parental Commitment

Parental commitment to finish this process

is also key to a child successfully graduating.

Our goal is to graduate a child by lesson sixteen.

This is a realistic goal.

However, some children do take longer to graduate

for a number of varying reasons.

A parent needs to define why they are committed to this process and follow it through to the end.

The child is the one who is the true winner.

Parental Involvement in the Pool

At such time as the child is deemed "workable",

a parent is asked to get into the pool and we teach parents

how to work with their child to keep child floating.

Once a child is successfully back floating

and able to roll to a face up position and sustain a back float,

it is very easy to work with them.

It is vitally important to keep them floating following their graduation. The more a child practices

the more proficient they become at their skill.

Reinforcement is crucial.

They will regress if an extended period of time passes

without practice.

The more a child floats after initial lessons

the better equipped they will be in case of a water emergency.

Parent Orientation Meeting

Attending the scheduled Parent Orientation meeting is required before a child can begin

survival back float lessons at WALLYPOGS.

Drowning prevention is discussed,

as well as the many components of the survival back float.

Understanding the process is crucial to a child’s success.

Both parents are welcome as well as grandparents and caregivers. The person bringing the child to lessons definitely needs to attend, so if grandma/grandpa or a nanny will be helping out,

please have them attend the meeting.

Don’t Compare

Just as children learn to walk and talk at different speeds,

so does each child respond to the floating process

in their own individual way…

and at their own speed.

Our job is to lead a child through that process

recognizing their unique learning styles and distinctive abilities.

It is important for a parent to stay focused on their own child

and not the child before or after theirs.


This is absolutely vital to a child's completion of our program.

If a parent is feeling uncomfortable and concerned

about any part of the process, their child will feel it.

Concerns need to be expressed by parent

and addressed by instructor.

Set up a phone appointment.

NEVER discuss concerns in front of child.

Children are very sharp and do know what is going on.

We try to address as many questions as possible

at the Parent Orientation meeting,

but sometimes others arise as lesson progress

and a phone call at night,

after little one is in bed,

is best.

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