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Drowning Prevention Informational Meetings

(Older children needing advanced swim technique)

Part of our mission is to educate and raise awareness

about Drowning Prevention.

We hold ongoing Informational Meetings that include

a video of infants and toddlers floating,

that shows the process and how we work with children.

There is a Question and Answer time

and we have an “in water” demonstration, with an infant,

when a pool or spa is available.

We can be contacted by email or phone

for the dates and times of these meetings.

If you wish to schedule an Informational Meeting for a parent group,

or any other group interested in child safety,

please contact us to make arrangements.

Brochures, and business cards are also available,

if you wish to spread the word or display literature

at your place of work.

The greater community can come together and help make a difference.

CPR Classes

Wallypog Swim School has teamed up with HeartStart Inc

to provide CPR and first Aid classes to interested parents,

groups and businesses.

HeartStart, Inc. was founded by Jeff Kim, a Firefighter/Paramedic

with 24 years of professional experience.

Our goal is to provide you and your organization

with the most up-to-date

emergency Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training

as well as training on the Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Please call the Heartstart office 916 772-3389

or contact them through their website

to schedule a CPR Training Class for yourself or your business.

Tell them that WALLYPOGS sent you.

Stroke Improvement

(Older children needing advanced swim technique)

For older children that need only stroke improvement

or instruction on how to get to a back float position to rest.

A full session is not necessary and individual lessons

can be scheduled on a per lesson basis.

These lessons are scheduled just prior to a session beginning after all two-week slots have been filled.

Individual lessons are scheduled i

nto any breaks in the schedules where space is available.

Survival Float

(ages 8 months - 3 years)

Orientation Meeting (appx. 2 hrs)

required prior to child starting lessons (ADULTS ONLY)

16 - (private) 15-minute lessons over four weeks (Mon-Thurs.)

Parent "in water training" (near end of session)

A WALLYPOGS Tee Shirt upon Successful Graduation

Toddler Swim Sessions

(3 years, swim-float-swim)

8 - (private) 15-minute lessons over two weeks (Mon-Thurs.)

A WALLYPOGS Tee Shirt (on last day of class)

Beginning Swimming

(4 years and older)

8 - (private) 15-minute lessons over two weeks (Mon-Thurs.)

8 - (semi-private - 2 or 3 per class at same skill level)

A WALLYPOGS Tee Shirt (on list day of class)

Survival Refloats

(For Wallypog Graduates)

This is a shorter series of lessons for former graduates.

The lessons get child back to proficient skill level

from the end of previous swim season.

Graduates recall skill very quickly.

Water Adjustment and Water Trauma

(can effect any age)

For children of any age that might have had

a negative water experience

that causes the child to have a fear of water

or learning to swim.

We have techniques that address and resolve

trauma - based issues.

Call or Email for information.

Intro to Survival Float

(as young as 3 months)

Intro classes are a one-time class

where parent gets in with instructor

and is shown how to work with baby

to get them ready for formal lessons.

Preliminary survival float readiness conditioning

can then be done from the very beginning

of a child’s bath time experience.

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