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Neighborhood Pools

Be aware of pools in your neighborhood,

and don’t be afraid to ask neighbors for cooperation

in keeping gates and doors closed and locked

for the safety of your child.

Fence boards

If your neighbor has a pool

check for loose fence boards.

Animals jumping on fence,

children pushing on boards and wind

can loosen boards

clearing possible opening to yard next door.

Re-nail fence boards with nails going in on an angle, to prevent boards from falling down…

screws are best.

Outdoor ponds

Cover outdoor ponds with a fixed grill or wire mesh. Even empty ponds can fill with rainwater.

Garage doors left open

Open garage doors,

(both main garage door and door to back yard), create a clear path for an exploring child

to enter a backyard with an unfenced pool.


When visiting other people’s homes,

ask about possible water dangers.

Determine whether there are

possible drowning hazards.

Many children drown in pools, spas, ponds,

that are not in their own backyard.

Holes under fences

walk yard perimeter looking for holes

that children might be able to crawl under

to get to neighboring yard.

Rural areas

In rural areas where ponds, lakes, canal,

creeks or rivers are in your backyard

or neighborhood implement as many

of these precautions as possible.

Children are explorers by nature

and they will find them.

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