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Bathroom Safety

Cross the room for a towel (10 seconds) a child in the bathtub can become submerged

Answer the phone (2 minutes) that child can loose consciousness

Sign for a package at your front door (4-6 minutes) a child submerged in a bathtub or pool

can sustain permanent brain damage.

Bathroom safety devices can be purchased in baby supply stores. Before baby arrives equip your bathrooms with safety devices.

Empty bathtub

When bath is over, immediately empty water.

Make the end of bath time a game…

part of your ritual.

Involve child and have them pull the plug out of the drain…

wave bye-bye to the water…

sing a special song.

Remember…”Bathwater out before baby out”.

If it becomes a habit

your child will remind you of the rules.


Always keep toilet lids down

and place latches on all toilet lids.

A small child does not have the strength or coordination

to pull head out should they lean in too far.

Constant Supervision

NEVER leave child alone,

not even for a couple of seconds.

AVOID all distractions such as answering phone, running to see who is at the door,

checking the stove etc.

There is nothing important enough to risk drowning. It is very easy for a child

to topple over and drown

in only a few inches of water.

Keep doors to Bathrooms and Utility Rooms closed

Use doorknob safety devices

to keep children from freely entering

bathrooms or utility rooms where dangers hide.

Bath seats

Bath seats that suction to the bottom of the tub

can be used to keep child in an upright position.

DO NOT rely on them to keep baby upright in tub. Supervision is still a MUST.

Get Suplies first

Gather need bath supplies such as

soap, towel, washcloth, diapers, clothing bath toys, before you even run the bath water.

If you have forgotten something

take the baby out of tub and take them with you. Place needed items

where you can easily reach them.

Slippery floors

Use (and teach your child to use)

extra caution when exiting bath tub with wet feet.

Use a non-slip rug for your child to step out on.

Faucet covers

Place soft insulated faucet covers on tub fixtures

to protect child

from accidental bumps and scratches.

Older children

Never leave baby

under the supervision of an older child or sibling. The responsibility is too great

to put in the hand of a young person.

Slips and falls

Use of non-slip rubber mats or adhesive stickers

on bottom of tub

help to avoid slipping and falling accidents.


Take phone into bathroom

(preferably land line) in case of an emergency.

Use for emergency call only.

Bath time should be focused on your child.

Land line 911 calls

show home address on the dispatcher’s screen. Program local emergency # into cell phone.

Cell phone emergency 911 calls

may go to a dispatcher far from your home

and it takes unnecessary, critical time

to be connected to local emergency help. SECONDS count in case of an emergency!

Electrical items

Keep ALL electrical items

away from bathtub area

(including hair dryers, curling irons,

radios, electric razors).

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