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WALLYPOGS Swim School is very excited to offer this unique and much needed program in the

Sacramento Area. With ten years of operation in the Bay Area, and six years in Sacramento Area we

have graduated well over 700 infants and toddlers in the Survival Back Float.

Our techniques include the use of plenty of TLC, lots of positive reinforcement and continual verbal

reassurance. We work slowly with patient, loving gentleness, as we gradually guide little ones through a sequence of steps, teaching them to trust us and in turn trust themselves.

They are the ones doing the work…we are their facilitators in this incredible Survival Back Float Journey.

In addition to Survival float we also offer regular swim lessons during the spring and summer months.

Our focus is still strongly focused on drowning prevention. We teach children of all ages the importance

of being able to find their “SAFE PLACE” on their back for both breathing and resting purposes.

Being able to back float is an invaluable skill that will last a lifetime !

Our mission is to: Aide in the prevention of accidental death by drowning, the leading cause of death in children between ages of 1-4 years in California. WALLYPOGS desire is to teach infants and toddlers Survival Back Float, a unique approach to early swimming stressing back flotation. Our goal is to work, as a team, with parents and the Greater Community in educating and raising awareness around the dangers of water. Our hope is that we can help decrease the needless, senseless, loss of life and prevent the tragedy of drowning and near drowning in children.

We look forward to working with lots of little ones and their parents as we strive to make the world a safer place for all.

Stay Safe ! Deborah & Monica

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